Slowly Going Blind

Slowly Going Blind, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.


Endment said...

I find this both compellingly beautiful and painful-- as I grow older, many of my friends struggle with vision problems and I suspect this is the way they view their worlds...
I am so drawn to this image!

RavenGrrl said...

Thanks for your perspective on the image, Endment. I made this in response to two things: one is that I am challenged by vision that has been changing slowly over the last few years and more abruptly in the last year ... I am having trouble finding a lens prescription that make my vision truly clear again, the way I remember seeing when I was alot younger. I just had the most frustrating experience at the eye doctors this week -- they are on their 3rd attempt to fit a prescription to my eyes that feels effective, comfortable and that I can wear all day long w/o headaches. Sigh. My vision is pretty blurry w/o glasses, yet all I have now are reading glasses. Not a good solution.

Something else inspired this collage as well -- a conversation on my family's group blog about color in photographs. The other members of my family tend to take or be attracted to mostly photos with vibrant color (I think it's human nature, in some ways) There were some comments/apologies about a photo posted by one of my siblings, of a dark, gray moody day in the mountainous interior of BC where they live. The gist of the comment was "sorry this is so dull compared to B's brilliant garden photos. I found the photo incredibly beautiful and wanted a way to demonstrate that images do not have to be the "picture-perfect" glossy magazine style saturated-color photos to be incredibly powerful and beautiful. So I shot this photo in my own garden of some hosta shoots emerging from the soil, and purposely desaturated the photo, then added texture with other images , making the whole image ambiguous, blurry, subtle. I haven't checked my family blog to see what response I've gotten, but I'm curious about it.

thanks again for your comments and for looking, seeing, visiting, Endment. I do appreciate your point of view.