Photo Friday: Comfort:

brown bird considering the comfort of friends


Woodland Spring Green even in Autumn

Behind a veil, Earth lets go her crystal waters

Here, a spring is protected, enclosed by a tangle of vines and understory trees: willows, birch, serviceberry, wild clematis ... ferns, liverworts, mosses and tiny water-loving green things co-exist with water striders, insect nymphs and songbirds. Deer have made a narrow path through the thicket to where they drink. They leave a delicate calligraphy of tracks as they browse on tender fiddleheads and new willow growth.

The spring is quiet. Peaceful. Hidden from everyday eyes. A secret harbor. A magical well. Thirst-quencher. Calm-giver.

See this photo much larger so you can go into the heart of this place. So much detail


Water Striders' & Poems for Two Voices

Written Language of Water: if you look closely, you can see in this long exposure, the tiny scatterings and skatings, the markings made by water striders dancing on the surface of the water.

One of my favorite poetry books ever is Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices. I love it so much one time I bought 10 copies so I would have enough to give to my young friends who have since come to love it too. The poems about insects (water striders included) are written with a left and right column on each page -- each column meant to be read aloud by one person -- in time -- with a partner reading the opposite column. The poems' rhythms are designed to give the feeling and sense of each insect. My favorite of the poems for two voices is the one where the queen bee is one voice and a worker bee is the other voice -- they are both simultaneously describing the same hive, from very different points of view. And somehow it all works perfectly, causing us, as readers, to collapse on the floor in fits of laughter each time.


River Bend in Morning Light

River Bend in Morning Light, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.


Evening Light on the Dearborn River


Water Photography: surface dancers


Photo Friday: Purple

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Ingredients for Sam's Healthwise Food Cakes"

Healthy harvest from our garden and the Real Food Market ... I think Sam eats better than most people do, especially at harvest time.

Sam's Healthwise Rawfood Cakes recipe

The ingredients in this photo are just what go into making the veggie part of Sam's diet. He also gets raw ground turkey, chicken, rabbit or llama meat plus a 1/3 cup of yogurt and sometimes cottage cheese. We also put salmon oil on each meal. Sam gets daily dog-vitamin tablets, glucosamine and milk thistle capsules as well.

cllick on the photo for an annotated view of all the ingredients.


Patiently Waiting


Festival of the Trees at Raven's Nest

A Map of the World, © Maureen Shaughnessy

Dear Friends,

I am hosting the September edition of Festival of The Trees at my other blog, Raven's Nest (aka Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.) Many of my photoblog viewers will be interested in checking out the tree-art, tree-poetry and tree-related science, prose and photography.

Fair warning: it's a huge post, but I hope it's worthwhile to explore around the links from the many participants in Festival #15.

I posted two separate articles about trees-in-art and trees-in-poetry/prose, simply because the main Festival post was getting too long. Don't miss those two posts when you have time to sip a cup of tea or java and relax.

I'd love to get feedback and hear if you enjoyed yourselves over there.

Hopefully now things will slow down for me a little, as fall approaches, and I can get back to posting regularly here at Land of Little Rain. Thanks for looking!


Rose Tango

Rose Tango, © Copyright 2007 by Maureen Shaughnessy.