Desert Evening Refreshment

Desert Evening Refreshment, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

An oasis of wetness in the surrounding dry desert canyons of Utah ... life is exuburantly concentrated in this pond and it's marshy edge: white egrets, blue herons, koots, red winged blackbirds, wild geese, dragonflies, damselflies, water striders and other insects, spiders, swimming creatues and wriggling water creatures, water boatmen, mosquito larvae and tiny fish, frogs both fully grown and immature tadpoles, deer, fox and bobcat... I saw these or found fresh evidence of these creatures each day I returned to this watery idyll.


Endment said...

Soul food!
I haven't been able to visit for a few days. This is worth the trip

RavenGrrl said...

ahh, you found something to nurture your soul. thanks for looking!