Cleave Blush Canyon

Cleave Blush Canyon, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

... The mesas creak and strain in the frigid air, audible only if I lay my ear to them. The colors in their flanks-terra cotta, blood-red, salmon, vermilion-bear the temperament of iron.

Against the steel-blue sky of a summer monsoon, the ridge bleaches to white. Moonlight blues it, and bright sun turns it pale cream or, if you are making love atop it, blush pink.

From "The Anthropooogy of Turquoise" by Ellen Meloy


Jean said...

18. 05 . 06
J'aime beaucoup cette photo , la couleur rouge des rochers , cette fente où les arbustes s'accrochent ..le contraste du rouge et du vert est réussi !

maureen said...

Merci beaucoup, Jean. It was an extraordinary canyon - perhaps the most beautiful I have seen in all the times my husband and I have been to the canyonlands and desert. We were in this canyon before sunrise, hiking up in the semi-dark ... and when the sun was almost up, that is when I took this photo. The colors are incredible there, at dawn. Thank you again for your comment.