Embrace, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

Part of my experiment to get to know one special place ... very very well. To capture it's essence with my camera (and maybe with my pen and paper in the near future) as well as to document it's existence before it disappears.

I have been visiting this meadow for over a year, yet I don't have photos of every season. It's quiet, peaceful, solitary -- like the eye of a storm in the midst of urban noise and bluster. I can lie in the grass next to the wooded shadows, on a sunny winter day and be as content as I'll ever be. Or walk quietly exploring with Sam, all the myriad tiny deer trails that crisscross the clearings and track through the aspen groves. It is as if this is a grand cathedral of Nature .... a place favored by the mysteries of life.

The task I have set myself is to explore deeper into the genus-loci of this place, to connect with the spirit of the trees, the grasses, the clearings and downfall ... until it is part of me and I am truly part of the place. One way I can do that it with my photography.


Endment said...

Nice color dancing on the grasses.
Exploring a small territory is a special experience. My small world has been the focus of my camera and pencil for several years now... I do have a supper abundance of clouds over the trees that surround the clearing :)
I will enjoy watching as you explore your special place.

RavenGrrl said...

thanks for being such a faithful photoblog-visitor! I love hearing what you think and how you respond to these images. I'll be gone on another trip starting Saturday, for a little over a week, but I'll post more when I get back. Don't give up on me. We're going to the desert near Zion Park in Utah, so I am looking forward to playing with my camera while there. thanks again for all your feedback and comments. I want to see what YOU do with your own clearing and clouds.