Photoblog Awards

My friend, Meg Nakagawa kindly submitted Land of Little Rain for a photoblog award. Thank you, Meg.

If you are a regular reader of Land of Little Rain -- and you think it deserves more votes, please head over here and vote for this as one of your favorite photoblogs. I'd sure appreciate it. :o}

You can also submit/nominate/vote for other photoblogs you like. Like Ben's Sketchbook. Or Lachezar's photoblog. I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and browse through some of the other photoblogs on the awards website, when I have more time. (huh? time? what's that?)


Ben said...

Wow, thanks for link and have a great time browsing fantastic photoblogs. Yes, make your time!

Tammy said...

I voted!

Pam said...

Me, too!!!

I checked out your brother's work, WOW! Facinating...what a concept, and I liked his explanations of each piece. Talented family.

Meg in Nelson said...

Pleasure! And thank you for your plug for Ben's, too. Lachezar's photos are divine, though, aren't they?

maureen said...

Thanks Tammy, Pam, Ben and Meg, for voting for my photoblog.

Pam thank you for visiting my brother's website. I'm sure he appreciates it too. I, too, like his written statements about his sculptural pieces too. His words really add meaning to the work. Thank you for your compliments, too.

Meg -- Lachezar's photos are wonderful. There are way too many really good photoblogs out there. I would never have time to look at all of them. But then, I don't need to. Just like there are millions of excellent books I will never get to read in my lifetime -- and don't need to. I'm just glad to have made the connection with you. By happy accident.