©Copyright 2007 by Maureen Shaughnessy


Pam said...

Of these last two works, I like the first one best but both are interesting. I love crows and am drawn to the fact that they show up in your work from time to time.

I haven't decided what I think these mean so will come back to peruse them again.

maureen said...

Thank you Pam ... I'm always glad to hear what you think of my artwork, how you respond from your own unique perspective. The bird in the first piece is actually a raven -- and for me, the symbolism of the raven is very different from that of a crow, though of course they are closely related and both are really intelligent birds. The raven is more solitary. It is also a creature that has guided me most of my life -- in a good way.

Well, I look forward to knowing more about what you think when you have time to revisit these pieces. Hope your day is going well!