Front Porch

Shaded corner, ©Copyright 2007 by Maureen Shaughnessy

our hops vines have almost completely covered the west side of the porch, creating a cool private place to sit on hot summer evenings.


Pam said...

A perfect spot...I love the shade when it's hot...a cool place from which to appreciate the beauty of sunlight.

Again with a neat chair.

maureen said...

I agree -- for me, sunlight is so much more beautiful when I am seeing it from a place of cool respite. Filtered through a canopy of woodland trees or vines, a lattice, pergola, awning fabric -- even between clouds.

This chair has remained in the state of disrepair it had when I found it at the dump. It is a child's chair -- and exact replica in miniature or a vintage wicker adult's rocker. A bit too small for my butt.... ;-)

Pam said...

I like the dappled look of sun through the canopy of trees best.

maureen said...

Do you have a woodland close to where you live, Pam? More importantly, can you get out of the house and into the woods without too terribly much trouble? I hope so.