Thinking has a quiet skin ...

Thinking has a quiet skin
but I feel the break and fled of things inside it.

-- excerpt from Captivity by Laurie Sheck (Feb. 2007, Knopf)

Much, much better this way


Pam said...

This quote touches a place deep down inside.

I'm drawn to the picture, strongly, it's beautiful. It seems to hold secrets.

maureen said...

i think the image does hold secrets, Pam. that's one reason i was drawn to photograph that thicket with the little path going into the shadows. seemed like an archetypal image to me: the thicket. I'm glad you like this one.

Pam said...

I was going to email, but we have online difficulties.

My husband and I drove through the Rockies in April once, Red Mountain Pass. It was beautiful beyond measure...and frightening! Avalanches and snow on the road, with no guardrails. Eek! I had the whitest knuckles you ever saw. We stayed in Ouray (sp) that night and relaxed in the hot springs.