As per Usual, We Follow

they've been shorn and look it.

much better large


Pam said...

Those sheep are looking a bit rough and even a little sheepish without their wooly coats. Sorry, couldn't help it. =)

I'm behind on your blog, the sheep photo with the coming storm is striking, and I just loved the feel of "Old Loneliness."

I liked the quote, and you truly do help people to see.

Pam said...

I was cruising by again and noticed that the quote had changed. And there was one by Ansel Adams before the one I commented on, right? I thought I had been seeing things.

maureen said...

Pam - you're not seeing things. That quote thingie changes randomly everytime you refresh your browser window, or go away and come back again. I promise -- I'm not doing that to tease you. heheh ;-D

maureen said...

oh yeah - thanks for your comments! I forgot to say that.