Parents with Unexpected Egg

A friend on Flickr, Liz (aka Eshu) made an offer to send a folded paper crane to anyone who would in turn take a photo of the crane when it arrived by mail. She has a Flickr group called Paper Crane Project.

I have been watching as other photographers photographed their cranes around the house, out in the garden, on their heads, in their hands -- and submitted them to the group collection. I wondered when our cranes would arrive. It was like waiting for something to be born.

The birds arrived today. I'm having fun with them -- they have sparkled a waterfall of creative thought for me today, pulled me out of the doldrums and engendered philosophical questioning. I'm sure the birds will continue their antics in the coming days.

Family Planning

Liz sent two cranes, one for me, one for Tim. I went for the orange bird. Orange - the color of Buddha's smile. The color of Grandfather Fire. The color of energy. The color of harvest, of deep sunlight, of life, energy, Qi ... that one jumped out and fluttered into my heart as soon as I opened the envelope.

Existential Bird Considers its Shadow

Please go loook at some of the other beautiful photos of Liz's cranes at the Paper Crane Project. -- it's going to be even better as more and more people receive their cranes and share what the birds are doing once out of the package!


Patia said...

Your photos are beautiful -- I love the repeating shapes.

Pam said...

I love what you did with your cranes and the photos of them. What an interesting and creative idea, I will check it out. I already know what I would do with one!

maureen said...

thank you, Patia - I'm glad you noticed the shapes. That's intentional - keen eye you have.

Pam, thanks -- and I hope you decide to join the project. I'd like to see what you do with a crane.

Tammy said...

You did an amazing job with your crane's. Hugs to my lil man Sam.