Poetry Thursday: Are you listening?

Poem, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.


There are no words in
this poem
only small shifts in stance
like quick hand signals against
the light

there are no words
in this poem
only what these seeds
whisper when wind,
like breathing, sighs against
their softness

I usually post a Poetry Thursday poem on my other blog, Raven's Nest, but for some strange reason this week I feel like posting it here. This poem began with the Poetry Thursday challenge to write a poem using words I overheard somewhere.

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ecm said...

I really like the phrase:

There are no words in this poem

Beautiful photo!

Kim Carney said...

I love that image! what is it?

maureen said...

Thanks, ecm and Kim ... to answer your question, Kim it's the top of a cattail -- there was a slight breeze blowing the seed fluff away. Low light levels, too. I'm glad you like it :-D