Little Creek

Little Creek, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

Every rill is a channel for the juices of the meadow. Last year's grasses and flower-stalks have been steeped in rain and snow, and now the brooks flow with meadow tea.
-- Henry David Thoreau, from his journal entry for March 8, 1840


kerrdelune said...

I absolutely adore this image. Kudos to you for this magnificence!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo and quote from one of my all-time favourites! Thank you.

Jean said...

25.8.06 Little Creek

Cette photo me fait penser aux peintures de Monet à Giverny.

maureen said...

thank you again, kerrdelune, parisparfait and jean.

I think you are noticng a pattern, Jean ... with me and Monet. Monet was such a great painter! He changed the way people see the world around them. There is a vast gulf between his artistry and mine. I wish I could make such beautiful art. Thank you anyway, for your compliments. I am honored. ;-))