What will Change Everything?

What fills the heart that has emptied in despair?
How can surrender change darkness into vision?

© by Maureen Shaughnessy

He who has seen everything empty itself is close to knowing what everything is filled with. -- Antonio Porchia
translated by W.S.Merwin, from

O lovers
Love will lay a carpet of treasures under your feet.
Love will fill your drums with gold.
Thirsty ones
Love will turn your scorched desert into a meadow of paradise.
Forsaken ones
Love will open the doors to the King's palace.
Love's alchemy will reshape gallows into altars.
Love will change your apathy to faith.
Kings of the world
in love's hands you will melt like a candle.

To the parched lips of those who are willing to surrender
Love will bring the wine
that changes darkness into vision,
cruelty into compassion and dust into precious incense.

Those who think the heart is only in the chest
take two or three steps and are content.
The rosary, the prayer rug and repentance
are paths that they mistake for the destination.

-- Translation by Azima Melita Kolin & Maryam Mafi
"Rumi: Hidden Music," 2001


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Sheila said...

I love coming over to your blog to read. It is always full of beauty and love.

Pam said...

I was having a very difficult day, then I came here. I am better now.

Pam said...

Yes, much better thank you.

I have learned layers, but still working on all the possibilities. I have a long ways to go and without someone to teach me, it takes time. Books are good, but...

In response to your question re: my e-mail address, I sent it but don't know if you received it. Also added it to my blog data.

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Absolutely beautiful.

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Tara, Pam, Sheila, Tammy thank you for letting me know you're enjoying my blog posts - photos, poetry, quotes, music. I appreciate that. Pam, I got your email. Sorry -- I must have left a piece of cheese off of my sandwich the other day -- it was right in my inbox! I wish I could just zip over to your house right now and give you a private lesson in photoshop. But alas ... you live so far away ... :-)