Symphony by Bitterroot

Symphony, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

My computer died. Tis utterly and completely dead. Sob. My camera is on the blink. I should probably call in Hospice (for the camera.) I need a mortician for the computer.

So, I'm taking a break from my own photos until I get a new computer and probably a new camera --- two very big ticket items, so I have no idea when that will happen. In the meantime I decided I would like to introduce my blog readers to some of my flickr friends' amazing photography. You may already know some of the photographers I'll be featuring -- you may be one of those folks ... but if you don't already know them, please head over to their flickr streams and check out their unique photographic vision.

Today I want to thank my first ever real-life meetup flickr friend, Bitterroot. We spent one whole day together in Montana -- both of us traveled to get to our meeting place -- and hit it off from the first sight. She says I have taught her alot about how to see the world. She has her own deep connection with Nature, with the earth's pristine places, that has rubbed off on me inevitably as I float along in her flickr stream, and browse her blog, Bitterroot and Bergamot.

Bitterroot, this photo says so much about you - the title, for one. You have a poet's heart. The color - so vibrant against a quiet, simple ground ... the simplicity of composition. Your eye for magical details like the moisture shining on these perfect tiny globes. It's alot like you are as a person. thanks for your company and comraderie.


Pam said...

Thank you for sharing, it's a lovely photo, red at it's best.

Patia said...

So sorry about your computer and camera. Funny how it all seems to go at once, huh?

I'm jealous -- no, frienvious -- that you two got to meet. I would love to meet you both someday!

maureen said...

we should all three get together, Patia -- in Missoula where Bitterroot and I met the first time. We'll see what she says .... thanks for the condolences about my hardware. sigh. i'm still bummed. every day that goes by i realize another thing (or 10 things) I really depended on that computer and camera for. BIG sigh.

Pam, have you been a regular reader of bitterroot and bergamot -- her blog? It's a wonderful, simple blog of mostly photos. Lately she has been writing short captions like poems. They are poems.

Pam said...

I had never seen her blog before...her images are stunning. She has a way with light, color and detail that captivates. Thanks for sharing.

maureen said...

well, Pam that's cool I could introduce you to a fellow blogger you didn't already know. Bitterroot's photos are gorgeous documentation of the natural world - and of her way of seeing it.

Bitterroot said...

Oh my goodness M...I was so amazed and delighted to find my red berries and your lovely words while cruising through my regular blog visits this morning. Thank you so much for your kindness.

There is no question that you have taught me a great deal about how to see. I'll never forget last fall when I saw your set Ruinous Beauty. It really came home to me then that we don't have to confine ourselves to conventionally pretty landscapes to create striking nature photographs. In fact, pictures with an edge or a weird angle or a little grit are what catch the eye.

As I've said before, you wield light as your paintbrush. I'll not soon forget how, in the midst of the forest, you swished your camera through the air as you were pressing the shutter! Or how you turned yourself into a pretzel taking pictures of squash in the grocery store. All this was a revelation to me.

We must get together soon again. And Patia, I'd love to meet you too. Flickr friends are the greatest!

M, I am so sorry about the computer and camera. This is a dreadful turn of events. I hope you don't have to resort to a mortician in either case. Keep us posted on events...and Happy Thanksgiving!

maureen said...

E, I'm so glad you found this post -- hope you don't mind me blogging your photo. I think you and your blog and your photos deserve alot more attention! I hadn't looked at my Ruinous Beauty set in months. I'm glad you mentioned it. I decided to add a few more recent pics to the set because they fit into the theme I was trying to develop there. Thanks for reminding me.

yes the camera and computer thing is unfortunate and really really frustrating. I'll figure something out here pretty soon. Every day that goes by I realize how much I depended on both of those tech-gadgets. And Gabe will be taking his computer in a few days! yikes!

And thanks for your compliments. I'm glad I know you! :-)

Endment said...

So sorry about your camera --- I tried to post a comment and as is frequently the case something swooped down and ate it.
My camera is visiting the Canon Camera Hospital this week ---

I will miss your photos but your posts are wonderful!!!