sunny vegetables by ch☺c☺kat.

Sunny vegetables., originally uploaded by ch☺c☺kat..

I thought I would post a photo of a delicious, satisfying vegetarian meal today since tomorrow the millions of Americans will be stuffing themselves with meat in a feast of Thanksgiving. Today would be a good day for meatless meals!

As part of my recovery from sudden-computer-death and imminent camera death (read my first post about it here), I am continuing my daily feature of Flickr friends and contacts' photos. Today I'd like to introduce my blog readers to Kathya (ch☺c☺kat on Flickr)

Kathya is one of flickr's essential jewels. I drool over her food photos. Well, that might be a bit of an exxageration... but I do salivate. ;-)

Most of the food in her food pics is prepared by Kathya; some of it she shoots in restaurants, delis, even grocery stores. when I first realized how into food photography she was, I thought Kat was obsessed with food. I soon realized she's not obsessed with food and eating -- she's obsessed with living well, with the pleasure of earth's bounty, with the fun and satisfaction of sitting down to a beautifully composed meal or snack, even if you are eating alone!

As someone who loves to cook and prepare beautiful yummy meals, I have appreciated Kat's stylin' food pics whenever I need inspiration for what to cook tonight.

Check out her HUGE set of food pics here. An American living in Weisbaden, Germany, Kathya's blog, Let me think I left a spot on your lovely sunis one I try to visit regularly.


Kathya said...

Oh wow, Maureen!! I am truly touched and happy after reading this blog post! I'm glad that you find some inspiration in my food photography, thank you!! This is the greatest compliment ever. Happy T'day. :)

maureen said...

kat, everything I said ..... is true :-D
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too -- do you guys celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany? Or some equivalent celebration?

Pam said...

I eat very little meat these days and am always looking for ideas. That picture makes me hungry!

Squashed said...

Hi there, first time commenter (I saw your coment at Bricolage Fantasy)

... I am hungry now. I don't know why. :D