Photo Friday: Wholesome

Dressed for the Wedding, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.


Baraka said...

What a sweet photo!


maureen said...

thank you, Baraka -- I was so taken by her innocent sweetness. I think it's truly "wholesome." :)

Pam said...

It is sweet and wholesome and warm.

Glo said...

I have just discovered your big little world. Congratulations.

(I can not include more poetic adjectives, sorry: my languaje is not English).

maureen said...

Pam, thanks, girlfriend -- I'm glad you like it. :-D

Maria, I went to see your blog and I am in the same way you are: I do not speak Spanish, though I understand just a very small amount when I read your words, because there are so many words in common between English and Spanish. Anyway, thank you for commenting! I hope you can enjoy the photos and maybe a little of my words.