Woodland Spring Green even in Autumn

Behind a veil, Earth lets go her crystal waters

Here, a spring is protected, enclosed by a tangle of vines and understory trees: willows, birch, serviceberry, wild clematis ... ferns, liverworts, mosses and tiny water-loving green things co-exist with water striders, insect nymphs and songbirds. Deer have made a narrow path through the thicket to where they drink. They leave a delicate calligraphy of tracks as they browse on tender fiddleheads and new willow growth.

The spring is quiet. Peaceful. Hidden from everyday eyes. A secret harbor. A magical well. Thirst-quencher. Calm-giver.

See this photo much larger so you can go into the heart of this place. So much detail


Pam said...

Maureen, these last two photographs, aside from being beautiful and captivating, tell lovely stories. We have a spring way in the back of our yard where the two high banks on either side descend into a small, flat area. Until the snows arrive there is always green, and even in the dead of winter it remains wet, coaxing the Robins to linger through the winter if it doesn't get too cold.

The trails of water skippers on the water almost look frozen in ice, incredible photo.

Sheila said...

How beautiful. You captured a magical place of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Cool stuff you got. Nice take, where did you get this?
By the way, let me show you some of my works


Many thanks

maureen said...

I took the shot, Jay. Thanks.