Festival of the Trees at Raven's Nest

A Map of the World, © Maureen Shaughnessy

Dear Friends,

I am hosting the September edition of Festival of The Trees at my other blog, Raven's Nest (aka Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.) Many of my photoblog viewers will be interested in checking out the tree-art, tree-poetry and tree-related science, prose and photography.

Fair warning: it's a huge post, but I hope it's worthwhile to explore around the links from the many participants in Festival #15.

I posted two separate articles about trees-in-art and trees-in-poetry/prose, simply because the main Festival post was getting too long. Don't miss those two posts when you have time to sip a cup of tea or java and relax.

I'd love to get feedback and hear if you enjoyed yourselves over there.

Hopefully now things will slow down for me a little, as fall approaches, and I can get back to posting regularly here at Land of Little Rain. Thanks for looking!


Pam said...

Trees hold a special fascination for me and I will be heading over to Raven's Nest to read your blog. I will also be checking out the art.

My granddaughter, Paige, who is almost 14, wrote poems about Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. I was very impressed, prejudice aside, and if you would like I will e-mail them to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Nice stuff you got, very fabulous pics.
Well, I do have also in my sleeves, if you have time don't forget to visit


Many thanks