Silky Skin on Quadra Island

Silky Skin
This driftwood looked so much like skin. I coudn't resist ...

Hi I'm back and glad to be home! I have been on a long road trip for the last two weeks or so - first time in a long time I've driven by myself on a long distance trek. I had such a great time stopping whenever I felt like it -- to pee, to shoot photos, drink espresso, nap in the sun somewhere along the roadside .... I drove from my hometown of Helena to Kelowna ... then with my mom to Vancouver, then on the Horseshoe BayFferry to Nanaimo with my sisters, up island to Campbell River, over another ferry to Quadra Island and the Quadra Island Harbour House, which was our destination and home/retreat for the next three days. All of my sisters, my sisters-in-law and our mom spent those days just relaxing, exploring, playing, eating, hanging out together, making beadwork, shooting tons of photos and of course, talking.

After spending a few more days with my youngest sister, Marybeth, and her family, at their North Vancouver home, I drove down to Seattle where I stayed with my dear friend (formerly of Missoula, Montana and now attending UW Medical School) and her family. I met up with Kim and Liz, and had huge amounts of fun getting to know them in person.

Kim entertained me by giving me a grand tour of her house, garden and .... her incredible studio. She has her hands in so many creative projects! Her mom cooked us a delicious dinner topped with an amazing and really different dessert - peaches with gorgonzola cheese and nuts. Oh, scrumptious.

I met up with Liz at Pike Place Market over coffee at Local Color. We spent four hours -- talking -- in a space of time that truly felt like just one hour. What an amazing person she is -- even more loveable in person than on her blog. I am so glad I got to meet both of these wonderful women.


Tammy said...

I love your prompt at Poetry Thursday even though I'm not a poet I do have senses :)

Your photo is beautiful and like silky skin. Your trip sounded terrific and how lucky you were to meet Kim and Liz. I would have guessed them as you described.

Maureen said...

Tammy, you are a poet as much as any of the rest of us are who post at Poetry Thursday, even with all the pro-poets in the group. You express yourself from your heart, which is what I believe counts. I am not sure I'll have time to write something for this Thursday ... but since it's a prompt idea from me -- I guess I'd better write something for it eventually! lol.

Thanks, too, for the compliment about this photo. I'm glad you like it.

Patia said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Welcome back!

Maureen said...

Patia - as a fellow Montanan ... you would appreciate how totally glad I was to get back to Montana. I mean, just crossing the border at the top of the pass from Idaho it felt different. Like home. Immediately more golden. More yellow. I had been watching for signs of fall on my trip, and Montana really truly is just more gold. I got sidetracked between Missoula and Helena at the bridge over the Little Blackfoot River at Gold Creek. Surprised myself at finding a tiny settlement I didn't even know was there -- after 30+ years of passing it by while whizzing along Highway 12 to Missoula and points beyond. Have you ever been to Gold creek? It's a tiny beautiful blip worth seeing. I was sucked into the color yellow and spent I don't know how long just roaming around in it. The color. Not the town. "-)

anyway, long way to say I'm happy to be back home.