Blog Friends Meet in Person

Beautiful Wayward Tulip

Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting and playing with two friends I met through flickr and blogging. One, the beautiful Wayward Tulip, yoga student and instructor, editor, poet, writer (check out this amazing post of hers), artist, and general-all-round-amazing-woman, Liz ... this pic I shot while in the midst of a four hour conversation, hopefully the first of many over the years. Liz, I am so glad to have met you.

And, Kim, who has lots of interesting things to say, as well as cool things to show me, and even more delicious things to eat at her house, graciously agreed to let me take her picture in her studio. Her crammed studio that is.

What a stimulating, cool, fun place to hang out and do art. You guys would love all the weird and wonderful gadgets, bits and pieces of stuff, art supplies ... just about anything you can imagine. Kim probably has it stashed somewhere in her studio.

She is currently in the process of making some interesting and beautiful assemblage-boxes. I love this one.

I got the grand tour, can you tell?

Besides being entertained by all of Kim's exuberant creativity, I was invited to dinner (!!!) by Kim's very cute mom, Diane. Delicious! Diane has her own cooking blog and I am waiting for her to post that incredible peach and gorgonzola cheese recipe she made for our dessert. OMG! it was incredible.

Kim, I meant it when I said anytime you're in Montana .... or anywhere close to my home.

To both Liz and Kim ... there will always be an extra (comfy) bed for you and open arms at my house. It's your turn to play in my space! :-)


liz elayne said...

ahhh...my dear friend. i have been talking to my husband about me driving out to see you sometime in the spring. i had a simply wondrous time with you.


Maureen said...

wrote you back, Liz. check your email. i would love love love to have you visit.