Perhaps to our senses ....

Perhaps to our senses ....
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Perhaps to our senses,
things offer only their rejections.
We know them by their refuse.
Perfume is what the flowers
throw away.

-- quoted from poet, Paul Valery


harmonyinline said...

Incredibly beautiful. I love the colors and the shapes such lovely mood.

Endment said...

Wonderful prose - thanks
You continually draw me into your graphics and photos, I want to become very small and wander through exploring every delicious color and elegant detail.

RavenGrrl said...

thanks, you two .... :-)

Potato Print said...

Hi revengrrl, I found your beautiful blog via endment's blog. I love your self description: "There is no room in my life for..." That resonated with me. I'm so grateful to hear someone else say it. I'm a bit of an odd one out here on Long Island. Your photos are just delicious. How lucky you are to perceive so much beauty and to have the technology to capture it. I can't wait to read/see more.