Googie Style

Today I learned a new word: Googie. And no, it's not related to Google, though if you Google Googie, you'll get all sorts of interesting websites devoted to the style popularized in the 1950s and early 60s. For years, my kids, Tim and I have used the term "Jetson's style" to describe that particularly weird space-age design style (found in architecture, textiles, home decor, book illustration, you name it ...) the style that paid homage to our society's idea of a bright future already here. Now I find out there is an "official" term for what we call Jetson's style. I can hardly wait to spring this new word on the rest of the family ...

Jetson's Style Architectural Canopy

I learned the term Googie from someone commenting on this photo on my flickr page. Do these shapes, found in nature, remind you of a motel or diner leftover from the 50s-in-America? How about a flashing movie theatre sign, roadside signs, wallpaper or the Space Needle in Seattle?

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Mattias said...

Wonderful photos, thank´s for the comment on my blog. That you spotted the sense of humor, makes me very happy