SP Tuesday: Threshhold

Threshhold., originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

A choice: go forward or stay where I am?


Natalie said...

is it even possible to stay where we are? It seems to me that when I try to stay, something moves in me anyway!

Maureen said...

sometimes I want to stay where I am, only because in spite of it not being an ideal "place" to be (in fact, sometimes downright painful) it is familiar, a known place.

Out there can be enticing, inspiring, exhilarating but it can also be scary, depending on what I am dealing with in my psyche.

But you are absolutely right, Natalie, if we just dig in and try to stay, something will inevitably push us forward: maybe that is something moving into our place. As the saying goes: "Nature abhores a vacumn." Sometimes I think just staying in the same place (or trying to) is what creates that vacumn.

KerrdeLune said...

Maureen, I often think that we are in motion, even when we think we are standing still. Life is an evolutionary process. We are living breathing collections of madcap dancing molecules in "the great round".