Photo Friday: Mountain: Monida Spring

Monida Spring, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.


Pam said...

Oh my, this is beautiful. There is something about the color that makes me wonder if you tweaked it a little, it's almost surreal.

I stop by every day in hopes of seeing you posting again, your work always reaches out and pulls me in, capturing my imagination and wonder.

maureen said...

Hi Pam, I have been so bad about blogging and posting photos and visiting other blogs I like, and writing to you ... anyway, enough of that. You are so kind to keep checking every day. I think you are my one and only constant reader. :o))
You're the best, Pam.

about the photo: I think I did tweak it but just barely. The photo was slightly underexposed to begin with, and I left it that way, but warmed up the tone just a wee bit.

I'm glad you like this one. I really like it too, especially at the larger size. I should always try to post a link to the large size on a black background so people who don't look at my pics on Flickr can still see them enlarged. This one has so much more detail up cloase

Claire Malley said...

This is so beautiful. wish I could be there! anyway.. keep up these amazing photos! :D