Jean Albus, a Montana artist who's not afraid to take risks

My Living Room, originally uploaded by Jean Albus.

This photo, by Jean Albus of Montana, is titled, "My Living Room." I was trying to think of how to get more exposure for some of Jean's awesome photos of the land she and her husband own, which they have names "Twosome." I decided to blog her photo, something I haven't done before (I mean blogging someone else's photo) ... Jean, I hope other folks can look at this image and appreciate the love you have for your home-country. And why it is we Montanans want to live here. This place. This moment you have captured. This light. This feeling.

Here's what I wrote on her flickr photo page about this one:

You are so lucky to have a place away from your "other" home to call home in the wild, Jean. No designer could invent a more perfect living room -- Towsome is a place you can truly live and what better way to describe this scene than as your living room.? What a view from your chair, too! Better than any tv or theatre screen. I love this one of all your recent Twosome shots because I can totally imagine you (or me) sitting in that chair, enjoying each changing moment of light, prairie music, skin-tingling cool and sweet breeze.

This so perfectly illustrates the unique effect of prairie light at sunrise or sunset -- the way color concentrates at the horizon and shadows seem to slip over the ground-plain and the upper sky-plain like veils. So our eyes focus as we watch the sun going down (or coming up) ...focus on the diminishing sliver of light and color near our horizon. Until it's gone and all the world around us is in shadow.

So so so evocative, emotional (for me) and exquistely beautiful. Your photos of Twosome (all of them) pull at my heart. This is why I live in Montana!

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Endment said...

Glad you shared this compelling photo!
The chair is so inviting!
We used to live in desert country where we could watch the sunrise from one window, the sunset from another - now I am closed in by a lovely woods but there are days when I long for the open view of the sunrise and sunset.
This photo nourishes my soul!